about me

My name is Javier Aguilar and I am a painter and illustrator based in Barcelona. My story starts in Latin America and then onto the US and later to Europe. I guess that makes me a sort of cultural hybrid case!

It has been a slow and rewarding process all these years having to learn how to combine my illustration and my studio artwork. I started out working on my artwork when I studied Fine Arts back in the 70s in the States and then moved to Europe. Later, in the 80s I began to illustrate, never thinking I would continue down that path and learn to conceptualize my image-making abilities for newspaper editorial articles. I started out illustrating with traditional art materials and years later gravitated toward the computer and the digital tools I employ today.

Although I was first hesitant to consider illustration as an equal art to painting, I later reconsidered and evaluated both as legitimate art-forms. I now enjoy alternating my illustration projects together with my studio art projects as equal aesthetic challenges. My illustration web: www.aguilarts.com





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