Watercolor Landscapes

In this gallery I have chosen a group of images of landscapes done in graphite and watercolor. For me the combination of sketching with graphite and watery brushed colors on a paper that texturally blends both mediums in a combination of sensuous ambiguity is a pleasure. I usually start with the sketching part, quickly laying down fast and broad gestures and struggling with a black and white sketch. After that, I then lay down strokes with a wet brush of humid color pigments to try to color the image with just enough pigmented water. The sketch is the main image, the coloring part is the color atmospheric accent.

Some of these works were done while travelling and in sketchbooks and others in Barcelona. Some are more elaborated and are done in the studio and with more time. Also, I have created a whole series of landscape watercolor drawings in the surrounding area of Portbou where I have my studio. These are seascapes, others port scenes and others interior mountain scenes. Some others are of course scenes from museum pieces by well known past artists…

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