Ink – Satin Paper II

This is a very ‘water-like’ style with the use of black pigmented ink. I use my fingers in the process and not just the brush. I developed this method of working with what is called a ‘thrown ink’ style. It consists of throwing a small quantity of clean or tinted water on a very slick cardboard white paper that can hold the water on the surface for a while and not bleed into the paper material. I introduce some very concentrated black pigmented ink and spread it out with my fingers on the surface following an image that I have repeated already quite a few times, and then finish off the image with a Chinese brush.

This technique still surprises me and I continue to develop my imagery with it for my different series of works. I develop an image and then choose the best one from a whole bunch of them that I have repeated in these very intense ink painting sessions.

For this gallery of images I have chose the large scale works that I selected. In the other one: Satin Paper I, I chose the smaller scale works for other series…

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